10 Things you should have on your CV

10 things you should have in your CV


  1. Contact Details: Your name, address, telephone numbers, email address and link to portfolio (where appropriate).

  2. Employment History: Make sure you include more details about the jobs that are most relevant

  3. Education & Qualifications: These may not be directly related to your experience but employers want to see this

  4. Profile: This can be used to display your skills and strengths but also to get some of your personality across.

  5. Good Spelling and Punctuation: Having bad spelling and grammar mistakes in a CV will prevent you getting an interview.

  6. Skills and Strengths: Skills are something you acquire with education and experience.

    Strengths are things that you are naturally good at.

  7. Simple Format: A well designed easy to read format should be used.

  8. Appropriate Layout: Depending on your experience, layout should be work-focused or education-focused.

  9. References: State, references are available on request

  10. Cover Letter: Most employers will expect a cover letter, it gives you the chance to get your personality across, let them know why you think you are suitable for the job by outlining relevant experience