You have chosen to work in one of the most interesting and varied sectors.

Working in the Creative, Marketing and Digital sectors is a great place to have an interesting long term career, once you have your first relevant job.


As these are are much sort after sectors to work in the competition is high to get a graduate job, so you need to be better than all the other applicants to secure that job.

"Experience is Key"

Employers always prefer candidates who have got some relevant work experience whilst at university.  Please don't assume that because you have a relevant degree you'll be able to walk in to your first job.


"Keep up"

Trends and technology moves so fast often universities are out of date.  To get a job you need to have personal interest in the current design trends, how people want to be marketed to and technology.  Please don't just rely on your university lecturers. 

Use a simple well designed easy to read CV. In the creative, marketing and digital sectors employers prefer CV’s that shows some thought into how you present yourself
You are more likely to get an interview with a well presented CV that explains when and where you got your experience

Interview Tips

  • First impressions count
  • Research the company and role
  • Know the location
  • Know your CV
  • Prepare your career story
  • Be positive
  • Ask your own questions
  • Relax and enjoy the interview

CV Checklist

  • Contact details
  • Employment history 
  • Education & Qualifications
  • Profile
  • Good spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Simple format 
  • Appropriate layout
  • References
  • Cover letter


Make sure you dress appropriately for interview. This doesn’t always mean a suit and tie. It’s more important that you reflect the company’s style.

Do your research into the company and that should give you an idea.

Think smart casual

Portfolio is essential if you are Creative or Digital candidate
Employers want to see commercial creative projects

Portfolio Pointers

Employers want to see commercial work

Only include your own work

Make sure all your links work

Design your Portfolio

Display your work clearly

Be proud; only include you best pieces of work

Don't include art or off the chart pieces

Think how to show your portfolio at interview

Be positive about your portfolio

"CREATIVE GRADUATES - Employers want to see Commercial Work in your portfolio"

By this we mean pieces of work that show case your creative ability in the world of business. How you design for business brands.

If your University is not supplying you with projects that involve business marketing material, they are letting you down.  Companies are expecting graduates to have experience of designing for businesses and to be showcasing a lot of this type of work in your portfolio.

You are likely to be rejected if there are spelling, grammar or punctuation errors on your CV, portfolio or work

Companies use social media to research you

  • What do you talk about?
  • What are you interested in?
  • What do you do?
  • Where have you worked?
  • Do you look like you'll fit the team
Social media

How to use social media when job hunting

  • Research before contacting companies
  • Research before interview
  • Looking up the people you are meeting prior to interview



Your own University will have details of suitable graduate placements


Searching Graduate Placement you will find, many sites offering graduate placements and jobs


Most job boards have a graduate job section of ability to search for graduate jobs


Regularly check on Company websites to see if they are recruiting graduates


Go to career fairs to make connections with local businesses


Can be a source for Digital, Marketingand Creative jobs

Finding Your Own Graduate Opportunities

Google companies close to where you live.

  • Do your research, so you know what the company does before you contact them (you never know they may put you straight through to the employer and you are going to look pretty silly if you know nothing about the company)
  • Phone up and ask for the email address of the person who looks at CV’s for your chosen job.
  • Send CV & portfolio if appropriate.
  • Follow up with a phone call.
  • Smile, relax.
  • Know your CV
  • If they don’t currently have any graduate opportunities, do they ever take Graduates? Are they likely to do so in the future?
  • Ideally you want to be paid but if all else fails offer to work for free for a couple of weeks to prove yourself.

A list of over 70 different entry level jobs

Art Director

Account Executive

Advertising Buyer

Advertising Planner

Advertising Sales


Business Developer

Communications Executive

Creative Artworker

Creative Email Marketing Exec


Designer Artworker

Creative Marketing Executive

Creative Marketing & Media Co-Ordinator

Digital Communicator

Creative Service Executive

Direct Marketing Executive

Editorial Account Executive

E-Marcomms Assistant

Events Account Executive

Events Assistant

Events Executive

Event Production Executive

Graphic Designer

Incentives Campaign Executive

Internal Communications Executive

Mac Operator

Marketing Assistant

Marketing & Communications Executive

Marketing & PR Executive

Marketing  Executive

Media Planner

Media Buyer

Multi-Media Designer

National Accounts Executive

New Business Developer

New Business Executive

Online Account Executive

Online Marketing Executive

Online Experience Executive

Online Sales & Marketing Executive

PPC (Pay per Click) Executive

PR Executive

Press and Public Relations Officer

Print and Web Designer
Print Sales

Production Assistant

Production Executive

Project Account Executive

Project Manager

Projects Sales Executive

Reporter Copywriter


Retail Account Executive

Retail Creative Artworker

Sales and Marketing Assistant

Sales and Marketing Executive

Sales Executive

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Executive

SEO Specialist

Social Media and SEO Executive

Social Media Communications Co-Ordinator

Social Media Content Executive

Social Media Executive

Social Media Specialist

Team Administrator

Trafficking Executive

Web Content Manager

Web & Print Designer

Web Designer