"And loving it!"

Finding the very best people for vacancies and the perfect job roles for candidates, in the Creative, Marketing and Digital industries, needs someone special. These sectors are unique, there is no 'one size fits all' whether you are looking for your ideal person or ideal job, having a recruiter that recognises this, is important. What is perfect for one company or individual is a miss-match for the next opportunity; having someone who knows this, makes the process positive for all parties. The industry is ever changing finding people and filling roles, is a fantastic and interesting challenge. New technologies and trends move so fast, keeping up has been fun over the years!

"Helping people"

Helping people is the biggest drive for being the best recruiter in the Digital, Marketing and Creative sectors. It's a fantastic feeling to fill a role that has felt like an impossible task for the employer at the beginning of a difficult recruit. Reassuring a person who has just been made redundant, that we are here to help, then placing them in a job.  Giving a little advice to a new graduate, resulting in their first job, is fantastic! The advice and guidance given is from a position of experience and knowledge after recruiting in these sectors for a number of years.

"Very best service"

There is a reason Green Shoots Recruitment Ltd has grown on recommendations and returning happy customers. It's the drive to help people, to better people's lives, to give the very best of service. In an open and honest manner, to provide a recruitment service you want to use. Where you are not a number, you are treated as an individual in your job search or to fill your particular role.

"360° Recruiting"

Green Shoots Recruitment Ltd looks at recruitment as a whole.  As a job seeker, if you have relevant experience you will have an interview, so we can understand your experience, skills and get you know you as an individual. Also, what you are looking for in your next move, because we want help you find your ideal job and want to stay in that role for a long time.  

If you are recruiting we want to learn about your company, role and the person you are looking for, so can find your ideal person who stays with you long term in permanent roles. For freelance roles, understanding your needs, means we can supply a reliable person who can 'hit the ground running' for you. Having detailed interviews, as described above means the people select for you are a close match to your vacancies. Making freelancers, slip into roles seamlessly and permanent people, a perfect long term solution.