Every person who is looking for Creative or Digital role will need a portfolio.  Employers will use this as part of the recruitment selection process.  

The recruiter will assess your portfolio presentation a well as your work to decide if you are to be interviewed or not

A portfolio should showcase the very best of your skills - make it count

"Creatives, Designers, Artworkers"

Ideally you will have an online portfolio to show case your work, if not a pdf is currently still acceptable.

"Developers, UI/UX Digital"

It is essential that you have an online portfolio, if you are looking for a digital role, whether you are designer or developer. 

You are more likely to get an interview with a well presented portfolio rather than just a collection or individual pieces of work
Use a simple well designed, easy to read portfolio in the creative, marketing and digital sectors employers prefer a portfolio that shows some thought into how you present yourself

Design your portfolio as if it was a brief, its your presentation document to showcase the very best of you, your skills and creative ability!

"GRADUATES - Employers want to see Commercial Work"

By this we mean pieces of work that show case your creative ability in the world of business. How you design for business brands.

If you are at University and they are not supplying you with projects that involve business marketing material, they are letting you down.  Companies are expecting graduates to have experience in this and to be showcasing a lot of this type of work in their portfolios.


Make sure you only include your own work in your portfolio

Only put on links to a current portfolio on your CV
Link Connections
Make sure all links work

Links to your work

Make sure all your links work and remove those that don't.

Only include links to relevant work.

Check the address is spelt correctly.

Keep your online portfolio up to date.

Do not include university only online portfolio once you have relevant work experience, show this.

If your online portfolio is poor - do not show include it on your CV. Only include links to your own work.


You are likely to be rejected if there are spelling, grammar or punctuation errors on your CV, portfolio or work


Make sure there is plenty of variety in your portfolio a cross section of marketing material that businesses use regularly.

Clean Layout

Make sure the work is laid out clearly and is easy to navigate.



Only include pieces of work you are really proud of.  

If you don't think it's good enough leave it out!



Do not include pieces of art unless you are going for fine art role.


Check you don't have work that looks too similar in colour, style or shape.


Unless you are applying for a gaming role, avoid monsters, zombies etc


Practice and prepare how you will talk about your projects at interview 


At interview take a laptop or physical portfolio to showcase your work on. 


Remember to be positive about the work in your portfolio.