5 Questions you should ask to get the best out of your interview

Introducing the five interview questions you should be asking to get the most out of your interviews!

If possible try to keep every interview the same. By giving every candidate the exact same opportunity to answer, you are giving yourself the ability to be able to compare responses with ease and accuracy.

I know these questions might seem incredibly obvious but when employers get into an interview, these vital questions often slip their mind. Whether you are thinking about the meeting you had that morning or the meeting you are preparing for later that day, sometimes, an interview structure is often low on your list of priorities. But it shouldn't be. After all, this candidate could be the potential future success of your company or team. Spend a few short minutes to write these down beforehand or just print this and take it in with you! You won't regret it once you have answers to compare and you realise that your decision has become far easier.

Five Questions

●  What do you know about us as a company?

The strongest candidates will have studied your company thoroughly. This is not solely about you investing in a candidate, a candidate should be keen to invest in your company too.

● Why did you apply for this role?

You are trying to highlight the candidates with a career plan, real interest in the role or desire to work in your business. Understanding a candidates motivations, should play a key part in your decision.

● Why do you think you are suitable?

As awkward as this is to ask, it is important to know why a candidate feels they are suitable. If a candidate is not confident in their own abilities, how can you be confident that they will succeed?

● Tell me a bit about yourself?

This opens up dialog about what they’ve done in their career but also further into your interview it can be revealing; a candidates hobbies says a lot about the type of person you are talking to. By using this question, you’ll learn more about the personality of a candidate and this will help you gauge whether or not they are a culture fit for your company.

● Do you have any questions?

This helps clear up any questions but can also reveal how much a candidate has invested in this interview.