"In today's competitive market place, attracting high quality candidates requires a powerful message and a solid process"

Attracting the right team, with the right skills, culture fit and way of thinking is fundamental to achieving your company goals and objectives. In return, high calibre candidates are a minority, and finding the right company for them, is key to achieving career success and long term satisfaction. The decision to join a company can be life changing, and requires some serious thought.

So what can you do to show these potential recruits that your business will offer them everything they desire? How can you get your business into a situation where your success attracts the best people and in turn the best people create more success for your business?

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“Person Specification

As with the job description taking time to get the person spec right helps us to find you the right person for you.  

A little flexibility.....

goes along way. We endeavour to find you an exact match, however due to the shortage of quality people job searching at the moment, it pays to be flexible.  

Job Description

New job vacancies appear because of growth, someone leaving or your company needs new skills. Sometimes companies phone recruitment agencies without fully realising the skills they require, which can lead to difficulties that could be avoided. So take a little time to put together a detailed job description, if you haven't got time to do this, please take time to discuss your job requirement in detail.  

Being a Digital, Marketing and Creative Specialist, means we already have an understanding of the person you may be looking for and a good job brief helps us enormously find the perfect fit for you


Reality check

It may not be possible to find your full wish list in one person, be realistic.



You will find that the best candidates will be looking to work for a business which is competitive when it comes to salary, bonus and benefits.


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Best Employer

Are you competitive in areas such as, salary, benefits, holidays, hours of work and their working environment? If not, could this be improved? Bear in mind this could mean you lose the perfect person for the role. Consider what you may need to do to change this.

Staff Turnover

What does your staff turnover look like? A settled team or a revolving door? High staff turnover can seriously damage your reputation as a business. Try to determine the causes of turnover and aim to put employee retention strategies in place.

Company Culture

The best candidates want to work in an environment which is dynamic, exciting, challenging, rewarding, flexible and most importantly fun. We have noticed that candidates are increasingly interested in the culture and working environment.

Are you attractive?

Most people looking for a career move are looking for a happy long term solution.

We want to help you find the very best employees. Sometimes the highest quality candidates will not wish to progress with a role we present to them due to a number of reasons. They are looking for the right career move for themselves. All of our interviewed and registered candidates have the opportunity to decide if a role is right for them or not before we forward CV's to the employer. We find this helps prevent any time wasting. As we recruit for the best employers most candidates are happy to progress. Some give us valid reasons as to why the opportunity is not right for them. Occasionally the very best candidate, rejects a role due to something out of our control, meaning the employer misses the ideal person. Here are a few comments from people who did not wish to have their CV sent to a vacant job.


"Website is a holding page only or out of date"

"Cannot get a feeling for the company"

"Creative Agency showing old work"


"Social Media"

"No LinkedIn Profile"

"Cannot get a feel if the company is the right fit"

"Negative comments on line"


Your Online Presence

A potential candidate will want to check you out. Is your website up to date? Are your LinkedIn profiles up to date and engaging? What do you and your staff portray on social platforms?


Your Team

Are they unmotivated or negative?

(If so, ask yourself how you may be perceived as someone to work for)

The Competition

Just as a potential recruit will aim to sell themselves over the competition, they will want to know what you have to offer that another potential employer can not. Determine your company’s USP’s (unique selling points) and communicate them.


The top talent will be ambitious and want to know, your plans for future growth and how the company and their role will progress.


Interactions with your staff.  Don’t under estimate the fact that the person coming for interview will be checking out your staff too.

Be Positve

This may seem simple, however we have had people turn down job offers because the interviewer was negative.

Coping with Rejection

Training and Development

Potential employees will be motivated by the structured programmes a company has to offer to develop their status and managerial ability. Training and development helps to keep up with changes in the market, and offering training and development shows the company wants to help the employee grow and stay with the company. A candidate wants assurance that they can grow with the company and share its success. 


People want to be excited by their work, don’t wait till someone has left to find out why they were bored. If they are really talented, then challenge them with important initiatives and watch them rise to the occasion. The top candidates want to be stretched and pushed but more importantly want their work to make a difference.

Trust and Respect

This must start at the first interview. Candidates need to trust that the hiring manager is accurately portraying the culture of the company and the job opportunity. Trusting and respecting your employees also means tolerating their mistakes and recognising them as part of the learning process – just as it was part of yours.

Recruiting Success

By considering your business’s strengths and opportunities, you will gain a fuller understanding of how attractive it will be to a potential employee. By following these tips you will increase your potential for attracting, recruiting, and retaining the best talent in the industry, and in turn making your business even more successful.